The RoRo StretchPack packaging machine from the Danish manufacturer Tentoma uses a unique method for packaging large-sized pallets and products. Time-consuming and troublesome packaging is a thing of the past. The machine uses stretch wrap for packaging and stretches it around a pallet or product.

RoRo StretchPack is suitable for all industries and the standard XL size machine can package goods sized up to 1300 x 1400 mm, pallet length 6000–8000 mm depending on the thickness of the stretch wrap.

There are two options for ensuring ventilation – to leave holes in the welds or to make holes in the stretch wrap under the packaging.

The machine has the following advantages compared to other similar packaging methods:

  • 100 % wrapped products
  • 100 % automatic in-line or separate packaging of various sized products
  • automatic selection of stretching strength and wrapping sleeve
  • high quality packaging (printed wrapping film)
  • low energy cost (no heat and/or gas shrink tunnels)
  • optimal wrapping film use
  • great reliability
  • low maintenance requirements and TCO

The RoRo StretchPack packaging machine can be made to be very flexible, for packaging various sizes of pallets and even allow to mix sizes – it is also possible to use three different sizes of stretch wrap an the machine will select the wrapping strength and the wrapping sleeve automatically depending on the size of the pallet. Pallets of different length are no problem either – the stretch wrap used is tubular in shape and a sufficient length is unwound from the roll depending on the length of the pallet. All wrapping films can be printed. The ends of the wrapping film tube can be welded and the result is a completely sealed packaging.

You can find more information on Tentoma products HERE.

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